The InterContinental Spelling Bee Champion is organized by the mind guider consultancy together with its African partners EDUPRO CONCEPTS. Its maiden edition took place in October 2018 in Dubai.

Dubai is host to diverse cultures around the globe, therefore it served and continue to serve as the best place to host a truly international event. Last year's event saw Spellibrities drawn from countries within all the GCC territories (UAE, Bahrain, Omar, Kuwait), India, Ghana, Burundi, Nigeria, Sudan and Rwanda.

It was truly exciting as spellers battled for the supremacy of being crowned as the overall best performing speller of the year. Ghana imerged third (3rd) in the competition.

This year the stage is set for an even more ecstatic event from more countries and Spellibrities all over the world.

As standard, the event will be held at the plush Springdale International School. Whilst delegates and observers will be in the 5 star Pearl City Hotel Apartments.

The ICSB-2020 would be institutionalized as one of the World's largest gathering of young people serving as the conduit through which togetherness, collaboration and unity is forged, through the mastery of the Queen's language.

The third edition of the ICSB is expected to draw together some 200 participants all over the world.

ICSB is an integrated self-inspired language enrichment program to make English as speaker's own language through a holistic approach.

As a bee collects nectar from different flowers to form the honey, our effort is to impart students in all aspects of the English language, to master it in its core and have a positive impact on their life now and in the future. Our endeavor is to make the child smart, competitive, confident, improve their cognitive skills and ability to speak publicly.


  • To give contestants more exposure and opportunity to feel the international stage.
  • To promote affable relationship between children of different background and cultures.


  • For participation a contestant should have participated in the national event or a local spelling bee contest.
  • ICSB is opened for contestants in Grade 2 to Grade 12.


  • Site seeing to tourist attractions
  • * Dessert Safari
    * Aqua safari
    * Dubai Mall
    * Dubai Aquarium

  • Shopping in Dubai.
  • International Dinner Night.


Prizes at stake incudes but not limited to Electronic Gadgets, Cash, Certificates, Trophies, Medals.

For further enquiries kindly contact: Mind Guider Management Consultancy 102, Kish Travels Building, Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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