Who We Are

THE HARD SPELL AND QUIZ CONTEST, Where spelling is Compelling….

The Hard Spell is an innovative programme designed to complement the efforts of our teachers in the classroom through competition and fun.

The Concept

We believe that proficiency in the English language will create job avenues for young people when they mature and also, will change the future of our arts industry; Poets, Playwrights, Novelists, Lawyers and even Marketers ply their trade through the use of the language which explains how important it is to our socio-economic development, hence this beautiful concept; THE HARD SPELL &QUIZ (CONTEST).


  • It is primarily aimed at boosting the grammar and vocabulary of children in first cycle institutions in order to leave them with barely little to struggle with as they climb higher on the academic ladder.

  • It is aimed at building confidence in the children by creating the platform where they are expected to overcome shyness, fear, intimidation and be able to face a crowd, panel of pronouncers and judges wherever they go.

  • It is also aimed at inculcating into our children the habit of reading, this will go a long way to have ripple effects into all other subjects and for that matter raise the level of education in the country.

Target Audience

This event enrolls pupils from the Upper Primary (classes 4-6) and the Junior High School (forms 1 & 2 only).

One may enroll as a private participant or enroll as a School.

Upcoming Events

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